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Top 5 Tips for a Great Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle wraps are one of the most effective ways to make your car stand out. With the right design, you can send the right message to your desired audience in the best possible way and have your brand register in their minds in a way that few other methods can.

Whether you’re getting a car wrap to advertise your business or for aesthetic reasons, it has to be done right. There are a few rules to stick if you want to get the best results:

Tip 1: Begin with the branding

At the heart of any colorful canvas is the actual branding, which is your primary identity or logo. In other words, the branding is the message.

The prominent motifs or patterns in the design should reflect your brand and what it represents. Around this identity, other elements of the car wrap design will be created. With poor branding, your goals would have failed before ever starting up.

A good car wrap company will not only help you design the car wrap but also help you craft the right branding for your needs.

Tip 2: Avoid using too much text

The rules of outdoor marketing are different from other methods. The trick is to say as much as possible in as few words as possible. This means you should limit your copy to only what is necessary and nothing more.

Avoid embellishments and lengthy, complex words. Instead, stick to simple words and phrases that cut to the heart of your message. This will register more firmly with your audience.

Tip 3: Don’t use poor images

While using images on your vehicle wrap design isn’t always required, specific scenarios may necessitate their incorporation. In such cases, you shouldn’t use anything less than high-quality images.

Images with overset text, blurred images, or badly scaled images should be avoided. Without being high resolution, your images will only turn out pixelated and ruin the overall effect.

Tip 4: Get the right car measurements

A wrap design will follow a template that shows where everything will go. There are different templates depending on the type of vehicle.

But you can never go wrong with double-checking to ensure that the template matches your vehicle’s actual measurements. Checking the correct measurements can help save the cost of reprinting in case there’s an error.

Tip 5: Don’t overdo it

It’s easy to get tempted to flood the canvas with bright colors and bold text, but you should remember that with car wrap designs, less is more, and vice versa.

Over designing can result in poor readability, which can affect your campaign. Instead, focus on simple but catchy patterns, texts, fonts, and other elements. Remember that your brand message is critical!

Get professional vehicle wrap design

Everything about a great vehicle wrap design depends on how professional and experienced the company you’ve chosen for the job is.

Let Rapid Wraps ‘N Signs be your trusted provider of quality branding, as well as the best possible vehicle wrap design in whatever canvas type you want. Request a quote now.


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