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How to Use Car Wrap to Advertise Your Business

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Car wrapping is some of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising. And, if done strategically, it can significantly help to increase the visibility of a business.

Here are some of the best car wrap advertising practices.

Make the message visible

A business without a sign is a sign of no business. And car wrappings are some of the best ways to introduce your brand to your audience.

However, when using it, you have to note that it's not like other forms of advertising. With colorful branding, the impact is more pronounced, and the importance is to communicate the message in concise, clear terms.

So, you should include critical things about your brand in the display message on the car wrapping, like your business name and list of services provided.

Be concise

As your audience will likely be passersby who'll only take a quick, brief glance at the wrappings as they commute by, you want to ensure that the message that the branding carries is straight to the point and leaves no room for misinterpretation.

You don't have to include a marketing copy. All you need is for the car wrapping to carry a concise, straightforward, and catchy message.

Changeable offers

As you fit the car with the branded wrappings, ensure to leave one wap section changeable.

This tactic is to help you integrate Call-to-Action messages whenever you have special offers.

For example, you can showcase property for sale on the market as a part of the car branding.

Go to events

After getting your car wrapping done, the next stage is to look for your target audience. They won't come to you. Instead, you'll have to go out to find them.

And the best way to maximize branding visibility is to look for local events that draw your target demographic.

You can't afford to be late for the event, so you'll be able to select a choice spot with plenty of traffic.

If the event is a tradeshow, your branded car wrapping can be the centerpiece in your section, drawing the eye before anything else.

Match the correct vehicle type to your branding

For this, you'll need a top car wrap designer to help you find something that'll work perfectly for the exact car shape that you're using.

If the branding doesn't look natural on the vehicle (whether a truck or saloon), it won’t look impressive or catchy.

And, even if you manage to get impressions for your outdoor advertising campaign, you may find it hard to convert leads.

For example, a dynamic shape and sleek font are suitable if you're using a sports car, a dynamic shape and sleek font are suitable.

Optimize your marketing strategy by getting us to do your car branding. Request a quote to get started!


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