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How Vehicle Wraps Protect Your Car

To many people, the benefits of vehicle wrapping are mostly in the looks. However, wrapping your car has other benefits besides enhancing aesthetics and advertising your business. In this article, we will be discussing some of the ways vehicle wraps protect your car.

Paint protection

Vehicle wraps act as a shield that protects and preserves your car paint from damage. Contrary to popular belief, car wraps do not compromise the car's paint. As a matter of fact, the wraps can be taken off anytime without leaving residues or ruining the car's original paint. Therefore, whenever you are tired of one design, you can remove it without worrying about damaging your car's paint.

Scratch resistance

Car wraps help to prevent scratches. There are two types of scratches car wraps protect the car from.

  • Clear coat scratches: These scratches occur just below the top coat layer of the paint. They are usually mild and not so problematic; the scratches can come from stones and particles. Most modern cars have a top coat layer that makes them look shiny and fresh when applied to protect the paintwork.

  • Primer scratches: These are more severe than clear coat scratches. They are gray or off-white and can only be fixed using touch-up paint. With vehicle wraps, you won't have to worry about primer scratches.

The Rapid Wraps N' Signs vehicle wraps will help prevent primer and clear coat scratches from occurring as they are made to absorb all the external impact and energy elements that may cause these scratches, thereby saving you money and giving you peace of mind when driving.

Protection from the elements

Wrapping your car keeps your interior and exterior from natural elements like dust, dirt, and the sun's UV rays that can cause your paint to fade and wear out. With quality car wraps, you don't have to worry or fear that sun and dust can damage your car paint.

Never settle for a plain, unprotected car. Let’s transform and protect your car today.

Not only are vehicle wraps an excellent way to advertise your brand, they also protect your car from scratches, dirt, UV rays, and other damages. With custom vehicle wraps from Rapid Wraps N’ Signs, you can have a personalized and protected car that stands out no matter where you go. Request a quote today.


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