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Top 3 reasons to wrap your car instead of painting it

Are you considering adding graphics to your vehicle to advertise for your business or brand? Whether you own and operate a local landscaping company, a restaurant, or a bigger brand, vehicle wrapping can help you market your business. With stunning, custom graphics, you can reach many new people running errands, on their daily commute, or more! Rapid Wraps Signs has many options to choose from, and we can customize any design to fit your brand. Our experienced marketing team can provide inside into successful marketing strategies and designs. Below, we break down some of the reasons it’s more beneficial to wrap your vehicle rather than paint it.

Top 3 reasons to wrap your vehicle

1) Cost

One of the main reasons to go with vehicle wrapping is the

A custom paint job can cost double or triple a custom wrap, so it’s important to factor cost into your advertising efforts. Vehicle wraps last over through the years through various weather conditions, so it’s an excellent investment. Vehicle wraps are cost-effective, cost and quality of wraps are much more affordable and consistent.

2) Quick turnaround time

Custom paint jobs tend to take a couple of weeks to complete, while vehicle wraps can have a quick turnaround in just a few days. If you want a quick, quality graphic, vehicle wraps can help you accomplish your goals.

3) Maintenance

If you want more low-maintenance options, vehicle wraps are ideal as they need soap and water to clean and look their best. By waxing your vehicle, you can also extend its beauty and preserve its graphics.


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