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Tips On Deciding Whether To Opt For A Car Wrap

Protecting your car from exterior damage is important to make your car last longer and look good. An excellent way to achieve this is with car wraps.

However, deciding whether your car needs a vinyl wrap or not may be confusing. Here are some tips to help you decide whether to get a car wrap or not.

1. The cost of a car wrap

Wrapping your car could be expensive depending on the size of your car and the color and style of wrap you want to get.

A bigger car will require more wrap than smaller cars, making it more expensive. High-quality and stylish cars will also require more techniques and time to wrap.

Hence they are more expensive than cars with simpler designs. Even if a car wrap is costly, the result is always worth it.

2. How long your car wrap will last

Car wraps are safe and effective for protecting your car’s exterior and, if properly maintained, could last up to five years or even more.

However, constant exposure to the elements like sun and rain can reduce the durability of the vinyl wrap to a little over a year and even make it difficult to remove.

If you’re willing to pay for more, other procedures like coating could be done on top of the vinyl wrap to protect it from harsh climates and make it last even longer.

3. How easy it is to apply a car wrap

Compared to a paint job, vinyl wraps are a lot easier and less time-consuming to apply.

A car paint hove requires a lot of preparation with layers of primer and paint to achieve the final result. This could take weeks to complete.

A car wrap application is quicker and easier because it requires little preparation.

Many preparatory elements can be done before the car is dropped off to be wrapped, and the process can be completed in a day.

4. Condition of the vehicle

Car wraps are very effective for protecting your car exterior and keeping it looking good for a long time.

However, if your car exterior is in a very bad condition, applying a car wrap may be more difficult than it should be. If you’re looking to get a car wrap, ensure that your vehicle is in good condition.

It’s always better to get a car wrap when your car is still new so that you can maintain the exterior for a long time.

5. The type of finish you want

If you want a smooth finish, maybe you should consider a paint job.

On the other hand, a car wrap adheres to the surface of your car like a second skin and follows the pattern of the exterior, including dents or scratches to the car surface.

Before stepping out to get your car wrapped, consider the points listed above.

Once you’re sure of your decision, reach out to Rapid Wraps N’ Signs to get your car professionally wrapped.


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