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Things to Consider Before Getting Vehicle Wraps for Your Fleet

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Outdoor branding is an efficient way to announce your business and services to the world.

Compared to other forms of modern advertising, vehicle wrappings are highly cost-efficient and are efficient enough to drive interest in your brand up from zero, provided that you do it the right way.

Doing it the right way is essential, as you want to maximize its ability to impress your target audience and convert these into leads and, subsequently, actual sales.

If you're planning to get vehicle wrappings installed on your fleet, here are some things to consider:

Advertisement goals

Before installing your vehicle wrappings, you must draw up a strategy highlighting the crucial points of your advertising goals. Consider the following:

  • What is my target audience?

  • What is the mode of lead conversion?

  • Do I want potential customers to ring in my services or make physical appointments?

  • Am I directing leads to a website for more views to increase search engine rankings?

These are all essential considerations for the success of your outdoor advertising campaign.

Branding visibility

The very first thing to consider is your overall goals. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my logo visible and attractive enough?

  • Which kinds of information should I include in the branding to optimize visibility?

  • How do I best highlight my brand name and the product/service I'm offering?

Whatever design you choose, your business name must reflect boldly, making it easy for people to identify it quickly. The same applies to your contact information, and a representation of the product you're offering.

All of these should take center stage.


Another crucial thing to consider is the extent of impressions you'd like to generate.

Per stats from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, OOH (out-of-home) vehicle wrappings generate around 60,000 impressions.

The larger the vehicles and the design, the more memorable your brand will be. If yours is a large business with established industry competitors, you must be ready to do extra to get as many impressions as possible.

Attention span

Your branding imagery with all the information must all be nicely balanced to take advantage of the 5-second rule.

This duration is even lesser for vehicles passing by, the occupants of which typically have about 2.5 seconds to catch the message in the wrappings.

So, while you may be tempted to include a lot of information in the branding, you should remember that your first target is making memorable impressions.

Branding imagery that's crowded with too much information will make fewer impressions.

Instead, stick to catchy taglines, colors, and themes that highlight the most memorable aspects of your business.

While you may not get calls and conversions right away, the impressions make all the difference, often lasting for months in the memories of your target audience.

Thus, the window period for conversion is much more extended, and your business will benefit from it.

Are you ready to get a fleet vehicle wrap? Request a quote today to get started!


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