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Retail Signage and How It Can Benefit Your Business

The oldest method of business advertisement remains signage. And if well designed and placed, it remains one of the most effective ways to attract customers and make more sales.

For retail businesses, more than others, quality signage can attract potential customers, drive traffic to your store, and help communicate better with customers.

The catch, though, is that it must be designed with quality imagery with crisp, clear messaging, among others.

This post examines retail signage and how it can help your business.

What is signage?

Signage is any graphic display designed to convey a message to a target audience. It can be a window sign, floor sign, digital signage, informational signage, and many more.

Retail signage can be in various styles and sizes. It is also the most affordable way small businesses can advertise, offering more value than it costs.

Benefits of retail signage


There are several ways to market your business, from taking out an ad in your local newspaper to advertising on Google. However, signage ranks as one of the most cost-effective as it requires only an initial investment to showcase your business without fail every single day. ‘

Grab interests

First impression matters in retail. Well-designed, attractive signage displayed in front of your store will grab the attention of passers-by, who’ll be curious to find out more.

They will likely enter your store and make a purchase. This is especially useful if you are a new business and want to get potential customers into your store for the first time.

Communication with customer

Retail signage can help you communicate better with your customers in a number of ways.

Placing quality in strategic locations in your store can guide customers from point A to point B, enabling them to find the product they want quickly, thereby generating more sales.

A high-quality sign also influences buying decisions as 34% of shoppers equate it with product quality.

Increase sales

A sign displays vital information about the services you offer, products available for sale, and the prices, which helps to reduce the time and energy a customer spends looking for this information.

If you make it difficult for customers to find the information they want, they’ll likely patronize one of your competitors.

In addition, most people visit retail stores on impulse. Front signs help prompt people to enter stores, which increases impulse sales.

Find your business

Many potential customers won’t know the exact location of your business because they don’t live in the area and are first-timers.

If you don’t make it easy to find your business, they may get frustrated and leave.

And if they manage to find you, they may not get over the experience and go somewhere else the next time.

Getting retail signage

Whether you want to opt for a storefront display, banner signage, or wall-mounted signs, it’s clear that your business will benefit from a specific, simple, well-designed and properly displayed retail signage.

Request a quote to create quality signage that will positively impact your business now and in the future.


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