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Large Print Trade Show Displays

Companies that understand the benefits of large print displays in creating a presence for themselves and building a relationship with their customers ensure to use them at trade shows. However, to fully reap the benefits of large print trade show displays, knowing why they are necessary for the business is essential.

Why should businesses use large print displays at a trade show?

Businesses need to use displays at trade shows for the following reasons:

Grow your brand

Marketing is an essential aspect of growing a brand. Using large print displays at trade fairs will help you create awareness about your brand and lure customers into knowing more about your brand's products and services.

Large print displays are an excellent means of channeling beautiful and creative visuals to not only make new customers aware of your brand but also your competitors.

Generate more leads

Displays help you generate more leads by making your brand visible to more people. This makes it easier to reach people that are interested in your products and services and generate new business leads for you.

To network and get to know other similar brands

Success in any industry requires connections with other similar brands. Large displays help you create a niche for yourself in the industry to relate better to similar brands and get to know your competitors.

What to use in a trade show display

You can use any of the following display types for your trade show display:

Pop-up exhibits

Pop-up exhibits are either single or double-sided display types with a flexible panel attached to a frame to hold it in place. Pop-up displays can be placed at different spots around the trade fair to lead people to your booth. One significant benefit of using pop-up displays is that they are inexpensive, easy to move around, and great for temporary exhibitions.

Wall graphics

Wall graphics are displays that can be hung or attached to the walls of your booth to make it more visually appealing and attract more customers. They could be in the form of stickers, frames, or banners.

Table-top display

A tabletop display is the smaller version of a pop-up exhibition and is more useful when there is no room for large displays. They can also make your stand look more appealing or provide more information about your products and services.

Point Of Purchase displays

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are more action-oriented. They can prompt customers to take immediate action, like buying displayed products or booking a service appointment.

Contact Rapid Wraps N’ Signs for your trade show displays

You can contact Rapid Wraps N’ Signs for your trade show displays. We offer different types of large print displays to meet different display needs, such as vehicle wrap displays, yard signs, banners, and flatbed printing, among others. Don’t let your booth be boring. Reach out to us for different types of trade show displays today.


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