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How to Keep Your Car Vinyl Wrap from Peeling

Although car vinyl wraps are beautiful and highly effective, especially as a form of mobile advertisement, their appearance and beauty decline when they start peeling, here's what you need to do to prevent your car vinyl wrap from peeling.

Clean your car properly

Make sure to clean your car thoroughly before installation of the vinyl wrap and after. This is to help remove any trace of dirt, paint, and debris on the car that may cause peeling.

A well-cleaned car will ensure the wrapping stays longer and adheres properly to the car. Be gentle while cleaning, and avoid being aggressive so you don’t scratch and wear out the surface.

Use premium vinyl wrap materials

When choosing vinyl wrap options, you may be tempted to go for the cheaper options, thinking that it is only the branding visible on the outside that matters. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Using materials with low quality will result in the wraps peeling in next to no time. Always use vinyl wrapping companies that use quality, premium wrapping materials to ensure long-lasting car vinyl wraps. The premium wraps may cost more, but they’re more durable and won’t peel the way the cheaper ones will.

Keep away from the sun

Car vinyl wraps will lose their durability and quality if exposed to the sun for a prolonged period. To prevent this, always keep your car from sitting under the sun for too long. Although it is almost impossible to avoid sun exposure, you can minimize it by parking your vehicles under a tree or beside a building for shade.

Take care of the edges

With time the wrapping edges may start lifting. You need to use a paper towel to reinstall the edges by gently rubbing it to help keep the adhesive in place of the edges that are lifting. You can also apply edge sealers to help keep the wrapping edges in place and prevent them from lifting.

Hire a car vinyl wrap professional

As fun as DIY is when you intend to wrap your car, always ensure to hire professionals to do the job. Professional car wrapping companies will know what materials to use and ensure they are installed properly.

Don't let peeling ruin your vehicle's look and business advert!

Preventing peeling helps maintain your vehicle’s appearance. More than that, it protects the message that your vehicle conveys about your business and gives customers the confidence that you are serious about offering quality services.

If you’re in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and surrounding areas, you don’t have to worry about quality when it’s Rapid Wraps N' Signs doing the job. Tell us more about your project by requesting a quote today.


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