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How to Care for Your Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps aren't supposed to be installed and forgotten. Like the rest of your car, your vehicle wrap needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Without this, the colors will rapidly lose their vibrance, and you'll require a replacement much sooner than expected.

If you've just had a car wrap installed, its newness should not lull you into complacency. There are things to do if you want the wrap to maintain that brilliant color burst.

Keep your vehicle clean

Allowing dirt and other physical contaminants to stay on the car for long makes cleaning difficult. To prevent such, eliminate as much grit and dirt as soon as you can using water, non-abrasive detergents and a soft sponge. You can also use silicone to eliminate water spots.

Don't use scrapers when cleaning

It's common to clean ice and snow off the windscreen with a scraper. However, doing the same with vehicle wraps is a big error.

While you can apply the scraper on the windscreen, the rest of the car is a no-go area, as you risk scratching the wrap and causing major damage. Instead of a scraper, use cloth, waterproof gloves, soft brushes, or hoses with lukewarm water to clean the car's body.

Don't park under direct sunlight

In hot climates where the sun shines fiercely all day, heat rays constitute a significant risk to your car wraps. Leaving your car under harsh sunlight for extended periods exposes the car wrap material to contraction and expansion, leading to peeling and cracking over time. Rather than parking under direct such, use a garage or park in a shaded area.

Fix any damages as soon as possible

Although car wraps are highly durable, major and minor road accidents and extreme weather exposure can lead to small damages which accrue over time. Ignoring such damage for too long can complicate matters, causing the wraps to peel and crack and making the colors lose their vibrancy.

So, whenever you notice a dent or scratch, ensure to get it fixed to help maintain the car wrap's overall effectiveness and appearance.

Avoid pressure washing

While regular cleaning helps maintain your car wrap's quality, the worst way to go about it is to use a pressure washer. Instead, take the time to hand wash with a soft sponge and bucket. This way, the car wrap will remain in optimum condition.

If pressure washing is your only option, ensure the pressure setting is very low. Also, don't stay too close to the wrap while washing. Additionally, avoid any machine car wash as they'll mess up the wrap and paint, leaving ugly swirls in the finish.

Have your car wraps installed by professionals

Although doing your best to carry out the recommended maintenance practices can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle wrap, poor-quality wraps won't last long either.

At Rapid Wraps N’ Signs, we specialize in car wrap installations of the highest quality with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Reach out to us to have your vehicle wraps installed the right way.


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