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Maintenance on your Vehicle Wrap

Custom vinyl wraps are flexible, durable and protect your vehicle's paint from any form of damage. They are also a great way to promote and advertise your business to the world. 

However, if your wrap looks dirty, you're probably doing more damage to the image of your business. And without proper care and maintenance, your vehicle wrap's life can be very short. There goes your protection and outdoor advertising.

Why You Need to Maintain Your Vehicle Wrap

After installation, your vehicle wrap is shiny, clean, and beautiful. But as you drive your car around, dirt, grime, chemicals, bugs, and other particles settle on your vehicle wrap. Your once shiny and beautiful vehicle wrap will begin to lose overall appeal without regular cleaning and maintenance. The colors will also start to fade. Also, without maintenance, your vehicle wrap will lose its protecting coating.

Vehicle Wrap Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Wash Regularly

Never allow contaminants to sit on your vehicle wrap for too long as they'll cause more damage and become more difficult to remove. It is recommended to hand wash your vehicle with a soft rag once in two weeks and if exposed to a lot of dirt, washing once a week is preferable. After washing, rinse thoroughly to remove soaps that might remain on the surface.

Clean Gasoline and Oil Spills Immediately​

Gasoline and oil are likely to spill on your vehicle. They are liquids that can damage and stain your vehicle wraps, which is why you need to wipe them off immediately they spill on your vehicle. You can use a wet paper towel with lots of water to wipe off the area. And when you get home, you can hand wash the area to ensure there's no gasoline or oil left to wreak havoc on your vehicle wrap.


Avoid Parking Under Trees

If you can, avoid parking your vehicle under trees. That's because sap, bird droppings, pollens, and other stains from the tree can fall and mar the beauty of your vehicle wrap. But if there's no parking structure or garage to park under and you must park under a tree, there are ways you can clean difficult stains.

Cleaning Bird Droppings and Other Stubborn Stains

As with gasoline and oil stains, you should clean stubborn stains such as bird dropping immediately as they can cause damage to the wrap if they stay for too long. You can apply warm, soapy water to the particle to loosen it so it'll be easy to clean off. Then rinse and dry. For more stubborn stains, use isopropyl alcohol or a suitable cleaning agent. 

Do Not Use Chemical Products

Using the right product to clean vehicle wrap is as important as making time out to maintain it. For best result and to avoid damaging your vinyl wrap, stay away from using the following to clean your vehicle wraps:

  • Bathroom cleaners 

  • Oil-based cleaners 

  • Kitchen cleaners 

  • Solvent 

  • Citrus-based cleaners 

  • Engine degreasers

Consult a Professional


When the colors on your vehicle wraps have faded, and the stains are irremovable and have become more prominent, it's time to get another custom vehicle wrap installation. For professional vehicle wrap services in and around Nazareth, Pennsylvania, or questions on how to maintain your vehicle wraps, the professionals at Rapid Wraps N' Signs can help! Contact us today!

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